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Essential Checklist for Bathroom Remodeling

If you are looking forward to increasing your house’s face value, then bathroom remodeling is the best way to proceed. If done correctly, it can garner quite a high price when you try to sell the house.

This is why you need to have a bathroom remodeling checklist that might not be essential but certainly necessary. Before starting the project, you can create this technique to save your efforts estimated cost and time. You need to make a list of all the necessary elements to prepare for what you are about to witness. Here is the bathroom checklist for you.

Essential bathroom checklist for your perusal

  • Design

Before beginning to remodel your bathroom, you need to take time and finish the room’s design. Take help from several helpful digital software for choosing the right designs. From a vintage design to a Tuscany theme, you can get samples and pictures of different fixtures, paints, tiles, and other materials. These will help you get the right designs.

  • Permits

After the design gets completed, you will have the night you can proceed with the home remodeling process. However, you need to have a valid permit from your city or country. If you are working with a contractor, make sure that your permits are in place before the project’s commencement.

  • Walls

It depends on whether the remodeling project will also include moving or refinishing the walls. If so, then this should be what you need to consider first. Plan carefully if you want to add a new window on the door as a part of the project.

  • Floors

Remodeling the bathroom also consists of some amount of floor work. However, if the process needs plumbing changes, such as moving the sink, shower, and toilet, you will have to drill new holes on the floor. It might also follow moving walls.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing requires taking help from licensed professionals. You cannot do this step on your own and need expert advice.

  • Electrical

Much of bathroom remodeling also includes changes in the light fixtures and other electrical components. While changing the light bulb is quite simple, the addition of a new lightning component in the bathroom is not. So, you would require licensed professionals or an electrician to be a part of the project.

  • Decorating

After you finish the walls and floors, along with the completion of electricity and plumbing, it is time that you decorate the bathroom. Make sure that you choose the right theme for your remodeling project and let time do the job.

These remodeling tasks are available with your contractor, and they can help you with the details online. All you need to do is take out time for thorough planning and understand the project’s importance and commencement from beginning to end. It would be best to get an estimate from your contractor or check out a few more to understand the prevailing market rates. Write down everything, including the time and costs. And, we are sure that your bathroom remodeling project will be as painless as ever. All the best!