If you are new to building construction then it is important to understand the basics of building construction. In this article, you will find different and in-depth steps that will help you to understand the basics of building construction in a good manner.

When you are planning to design or construct a new building then it is important that you have a good idea to start the project and end it in a proper flow as well.

I will recommend you to make a proper flowchart that can help you to plan your next step from starting the construction of a building to end it.

Every project regarding construction is unique and has its own variations. Each project follows its own design and construction process.

On a lighter note, the basics of building construction include:

  • Planning
  • Permits
  • Preparing the construction sites
  • The foundation of Construction
  • Superstructure construction
  • Punch Lists
  • Building the Warranty Period


There are three steps that are crucially involved in the phase of planning:

  • The developing of building plan
  • Analyzing the Finances
  • Finalizing your construction team

Once you have selected the site where you will proceed with your construction step then the next step will be choosing the team of engineers and architects that will develop your project completely. 


The next thing before starting building construction is that the owner should make sure if he has all the necessary permits to start the construction or not.

But how to get permits?

The permits and insurance are grabbed from different resources in a particular city or a state.

Preparation for Construction Sites:

This is the step where the real effort begins, depending upon your site and your building plan you need to undergo various sub-steps to prepare the site for building construction.

In most cases, the workers need to establish the utilities that are further followed by government officials.

Foundation of Construction:

Sites for building construction are basically constructed on concrete foundations. The soil type and water table level of that particular area is the key to choose a foundation. In an important case, the testing is also performed so that you can check out the quality of the soil.

Superstructure Construction

The superstructure is later on developed with masonry walls. The adequate windows and exterior doors are placed on the building plan.

Other important tasks in this regard include:

  • Construction of roofs 
  • Installation of heating, air conditioning, and ventilation mechanisms.
  • Providing feasible electric and water connection lines.
  • Providing insulation works to avoid lighting
  • Adding waterproofing in the walls
  • Completing flooring tasks
  • The exterior and interior painting.

Punch List

Once your project is ended the contractor will investigate the whole work performed by you and he will make a punch list.

Warranty Period

Once you have successfully completed your project then you are allowed to handover it to the owner. In this time period, the contractor will identify the warranty period. The warranty for materials and appliances are obtained with the help of your manufacturers and the suppliers.